Who We Are

We are a Social Innovation Enterprise providing spatial information, and data for community social transformation by empowering local communities to generate data. We also help institutions leverage on the data to improve their productivity.


To be the partner of choice for the Africa's governments and enterprises by creating, building and maintaining the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective data.

Our Approach

Our model is anchored on four Key pillars; Information Sharing, Consultations, Stakeholders Involvement in Decision-Making, Initiating Action

Our Services

Participatory GIS

Ramani Mashinani combines geo-spatial information management tools like Global Positioning System (GPS), satellite imagery, sketch maps, desktop GIS and Mobile phone technology to harness PGIS. The outcome spatial knowledge is shared in form of virtual or physical maps used as interactive vehicles for spatial learning, discussions, information exchange, analysis, and decision making.

Community Media

The power of a community relies on its ability to tell its own story. The expectancy of Citizens to participate in Public processes is heavily dependent on their ability to engage. Ramani Mashinani plays a catalytic role in empowering content producers and content consumers, with “public interest” at heart. We fortify community media’s watchdog role, at the same time enabling the citizenry’s participation in content production, to ensure journalism is not left to media professionals only.

Web and Mobile development

Ramani mashinani is a Nairobi based not for profit, that provides IT services for international development. We believe in the power of knowledge and communication to alleviate poverty, suffering and conflict, and in the right of every individual to inform and be informed. We are dedicated to developing ICT services that facilitate communication for unconnected communities, empowering ordinary people across the developing world to improve their lives.

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